Review: Ty Segall – Emtional Mugger

Review by Alex McCullough

Score: 7.5/10


Ty Segall is one of the biggest names in garage/psychedelic rock. He’s been cranking out a solo album a year since 2008, and he’s also a member of the aptly named psychedelic rock band Fuzz which has put out a couple great albums in the last few years. Emotional Mugger is his latest solo release, and it’s more of the same loud, trippy, powerful stuff that we’re used to from Ty. Distortion-drenched bass lines and fuzzed-out guitar leads give this record the head banging, psychedelic atmosphere that Ty does so well.

I think Emotional Mugger has more craziness than any other release that Ty has put out in the past. “Mandy Cream” has a straight up silly guitar line and whiney nasally vocals that made me snicker a bit. Then there’s “W.U.O.T.W.S.” which is basically a shorter version of The Beatles’ “Revolution 9”; parts of the track it are just three different songs played at the same time. Then we have a few catchy as all get out songs like “Candy Sam” and “Diversion” which are some of the best tracks that Ty has ever put out. Unfortunately, there are a few duds that just don’t do it for me, including the title track and “Baby Big Man”.

The album closes on a rather odd note with “Magazine”, a strangely dark song with a droning bass line and extended periods of the sound of someone clapping over squealing guitar noise. It’s not exactly a powerful ending, but it’s pleasantly ominous and spooky. Overall I think Ty has added another solid record to his quickly growing discography, and I’ll always be interested to see what he has to offer.


FCC violations: None

Favorite tracks: Candy Sam, Diversion, Breakfast Eggs

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, Ariel Pink, The Flaming Lips

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