The Falls – Into the Fire

Score: 9.5/10

Imagine you are in a relationship where you and your significant other are really good at writing songs. Through the course of your relationship you both write songs about problems that come up between you two. Have a fight? Write a song about it. Make up after that fight? Write a song about it. But what about when the relationship ends? You take all those songs you two wrote and you work together, even after the breakup, to turn them into an EP. Sounds crazy right? Well that is exactly what the folk band The Falls did with their newest release, Into The Fire.

After reading about how this album came to fruition you would imagine it would be an angst filled break up album filled with “He said, she said” lyrics and less than pleasant instrumentation to accompany them, but it’s quite the opposite. Into The Fire gives off a really relaxed and somewhat melancholy vibe that I like to hear in folk music. The songs may have been written after rough times but the vocals and instrumentation are so smooth you never would have guessed it. The vocal harmonies on nearly every track are pitch perfect and very pleasant to the ear. The instrumentation behind these butter smooth vocals is your typical folk line up but is kept fresh by adding percussion to certain tracks like “Home” or violin to “Hey”. The only fault I have with this album is that it’s only six songs long.

Into The Fire is easily my favorite folk album of this year. I will certainly find myself listening to this album in the future when I’m in the mood for a great, relaxing folk music. I hope that The Falls give us a full length release soon so I have even more perfect folk music to listen to.

Tracks to check out: 1 “Please”, 2 “Girl That I Love”, 6 “Hey”

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Reviewed by Ethan Carney

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