Album Review of Lucky Ones by The Crookes

Review by: Karina Abbott
Score: 6/10
“Lucky Ones” is The Crookes fourth studio album, and my favorite one so far. They chose to open and close the album in a very interesting way, as the first and last songs are connected to one another (“Brand New Start”, and “B.N.S.Pt.II”). These two are the only really slow songs on the album, and a bit reminiscent of Beach House interestingly enough. Listening to the album all the way through was, simply put, a really fun experience. I thoroughly enjoyed each song by itself and the album as a whole. My favorite tracks have to be “I Wanna Waste My Time on You”, and the title track “The Lucky Ones”. Both of these songs have full-bodied vocals and a dancy feel. Most of this album is filled with happy, medium to high-tempo songs that feature some really quality lyrics. The 8th track, “Roman Candle”, and the 9th track, “No One Like You”, were both nice changes of pace. “Roman Candle”, had this futuristic sound playing in the background throughout, softer vocals and more bass than the other songs. “No One Like You” was the most romantic of the tracks and consisted of soft vocals that were almost covered up by the strong guitar; my favorite part of this song was from 2:10-2:40 when there is this really cool guitar part that is nothing like anything else on the record. Overall this album is full of good tunes that are just enjoyable to listen to (and dance to). This Indie rock quartet from Sheffield should really be proud of this solidly put together piece of musical achievement.

RIYL: The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club
FCC Violations: 2
Fav Tracks: 1, 3, 5, 9, 10

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