Typhoon – White Lighter

Typhoon - White Lighter

Typhoon’s fourth album will pull you in every direction possible. It sits at the intersection of the fantastic smorgasbord of violin, drums, horns, cymbals, hand clapping, and many other instruments. The album captures the essence of raw, live music with clean beats. The whole album stands on a foundation of beautifully layered instruments, rhythms, and vocals.

This is not something to pick up if you want background music. It will distract you beyond belief in a fury of great sounds. It pulls classical music, rock, and many other genres into a polished masterpiece that will appeal to many. It will simultaneously become your own hidden favorite album and the same album that you want to make all your friends, enemies, and everyone in-between listen to.

Recommended tracks: 02 Artificial Light, 07 Morton’s Fork

Sounds like: Beirut, Edward Sharpe

Reviewed by Anna Gresser

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