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prohibition_ends_at_lastScore: 4/10

The Eagulls, not to be confused with The Eagles, are a post-punk band from Leeds, England. Their new self-titled album is the band’s first outing. They are known for their award winning music video for their song “Nerve Endings” and for playing on The Late Show with David Letterman for Billy Murray. Other than that they don’t really have much going for them unfortunately.

Eagulls is an album that doesn’t soar very well; it actually kind of crashes and burns. The main reason why this album is less than stellar is the vocalist. The lyrics for each track are very difficult to understand due to the thick accent and the post-punk vocal style. What I could understand was mostly just the choruses and even then they were really lacking in anything special. Just about every chorus was the vocalist repeating the song title over and over again ad nauseam. In the case of the song “Tough Luck” the vocalist couldn’t pronounce the title of the track for the chorus and the song became a wreck. The only saving grace for this album is that the instrumentals are pretty good. The guitar parts weren’t anything special but the bass was great. Each song would start with a nice instrumental before being ruined by the vocals.

Eagulls should consider a new vocalist for their next release for sure. Hopefully it’s a possibility or I don’t think they can spread their wings and take flight. Let’s just hope the vocalist flies the coop eventually.

Tracks to check out: 9 (“Opaque”), 6 (“Possessed”)

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Reviewed by Ethan Carney

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