Dark Features – The Control

Score: 6/10

Dark FeaturesI wanted to score this album higher.

But at the end of the day, It’s really only a decent album, that sounds fantastic in my dreams (literally). For the most part the instrumentals are around the corner and lofty, creating a dreamy landscape for the lead vocalist (whom I unfortunately have no idea the name of) has [ironic enough] a mysterious sound to his voice, its a bit of a cross between a distanced whisper and a faceless automated intercom.

If you’re in search of the meaning of life, and you’re hoping to see the light through lyrics, this isn’t your album. Half the time you can’t make out words from chords because a majority of the sounds regardless of how they’re produced, vocally, string, drum etc. it all runs into a beautifully flowing piece of musical art that will point you in anywhere but a straight direction.
The waves that course through this album will make you want to sway with them into the dark abyss they came from, and there they will shroud you in a deep sense of serenity until you are sedated to a point of unconscious head bobbing to a beat (it happened to me!).

I liked this Seattle based band a lot, the voice, the low drums, the very present guitar that comes and goes giving way and other times accompanying the array of other musical elements like synths and the sort all come together to create a uniform sound, that flows and rises and drops, and is sure to soothe the listener.

But I think Dark Features is capable of more. So for now, this album remains a respectable 6, and I’m hopeful for the future.

Recommended Tracks: Track – 8 – Cicada

Sounds like: The Killers, Explosions in the Sky

Recommended Tracks: Cicada (Track 8)

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