AUTOMatic on Live from KURE

Jazz/funk hip-hop group AUTOMatic braved the elements and drove down from Milwaukee, WI through heavy downpour for an in-studio session at KURE to promote their new EP “3099.” Unfortunately we were without two members of the group (TrellMatic and JDL Rockwell) for this session, but between emcee APRIME and group manager JC Poppe filling in as DJ, the sound was by no means lacking.

In the interview, APRIME talked about his beginnings as a rapper and gave us insight into the inspirations of his old-school style, citing acts such as Outkast, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Roots. Discussed are favorite performance venues, APRIME’s non-musical writing, the origin of the name APRIME and its meaning, and whether it ever stops raining in Iowa.

Listen to the full interview on our Soundcloud:

AUTOMatic on Bandcamp


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