The Fuss on Live from KURE

If you’ve had your ear to the ground with local music in Des Moines in the last few years, the name The Fuss may mean something to you. Initially conceived and introduced to the world in 2014 as a solo project of singer/guitarist Joey Lyons, The Fuss picked up recognition in a hurry from the Des Moines Music Coalition and even a French music blog. It has since grown to a full alt-rock band with some psychedelic flavor, sound being filled out by Matt Nelson on bass, Nick Lucs on drums, and Ben Waldschmitt playing lead guitar. Making a circuit to drum up anticipation for their new album, they stopped into our studio for a chunk of an afternoon to tell us about their work and show some of it off on air. By the end of the session, I was disappointed that I only had thirty minutes of recording time with the guys, but at the very least the world can rest easy knowing what the ultimate goal of The Fuss is.

Joey had a couple releases under his belt as The Fuss, but the scale of their upcoming release is as of yet unprecedented for the band. The Fuss’ self-titled album is slated to release August 26. To celebrate, Gas Lamp in Des Moines is hosting their release show, also featuring local acts SIRES and Courtney Krause.

If you missed the airing of this session, you can listen to the full interview on Soundcloud, embedded below!

Pictured left to right: Matt Nelson, Joey Lyons, Ben Waldschmitt, Nick Lucs

Interviewed/produced/written by Brady Nickel

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