Three Days Later: Election 2020

By: Ryan Pattee

Three days ago on November 3rd 2020, citizens of the United States went out in droves to vote and were glued to their screens waiting for an announcement. Three days later Americans and to a greater extent, the globe is watching with bated breath for an announcement. 

After election day 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden was leading over current President and Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the electoral college. However, a majority of the remaining states were in favor of President Trump, stating that if he won, would secure him another term in office. However, in the last three days, three separate states in President Trump’s favor have shifted momentum towards presidential candidate Joe Biden. The three states include: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Michigan and Pennsylvania were a part of the “blue wall” states who historically have voted democrat. That was until 2016 when President Trump won in both Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. This shift back towards the democratic party came after many precincts began to count mail-in ballots, which seem to favor Biden over Trump. 

What came as a shock to many was Georgia’s shift from republican to democrat, a party they have not backed in the electoral college since 1992 to put Bill Clinton into office. The vote count between the two parties in Georgia is extremely narrow with less than 2,000 votes between each candidate. 

The sudden shift towards the democratic party has caught the attention of many Americans, especially President Donald Trump whose campaign has sued Michigan and Pennsylvania in an attempt to stop ballot counts. The Trump campaign wishes to have increased access to tallying locations to observe the process in battleground states. Regardless of if the lawsuit goes through, many recounts are expected, especially when the margins between each candidate is razor thin in comparison to previous elections.

Many experts are still unsure when the announcement of who won the 2020 election will happen, but with presidential candidate Joe Biden only six electoral votes away, it is possible we have a winner sooner rather than later. 

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