Spring Clubfest

Iowa State hosts the spring 2020 Clubfest, housing over 100 of the 900+ student organizations. 

By: Cora Dunnwald, News Team Member

Iowa State University hosted its spring Clubfest on Wednesday, January 22. The semi-annual event took place in the Memorial Union’s Great Hall from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

There were tables stretched along the walls of the Great Hall with hundreds of students roaming the room excited to see what clubs they could become a part of. 122 of the over 900 student organizations had booths at the event. Students filtered in and out of the fest with ISU bookstore bags in hand. Booths tried to get the attention of the students in all sorts of different ways. The snowboarding club handed out Jones sodas, while other clubs resorted to shouting out to the students passing by. 

While most of the clubs were stationed in the main hall, a few were tucked away in the corners. One of which was the Communication Disorders Club, located just outside the main entrance. Brianna Kennedy is a new member of the Communication Disorders Club. “We have about 35 members right now, and expect an increase after Clubfest.” Kennedy said. 

Many other clubs shared the sentiment that the clubfest helps boost their numbers. Sam Catron, a member of The Climate Reality Project, said their numbers go up gradually through the semester, but jump after clubfest, “I would say about seven or 10 members, and then it goes up from there,” he said. 

Iowa State hosts two Clubfests per academic year, one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester. The next clubfest will be in fall of 2020.

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