Review of Young Revival’s “Interior Light”

Young Rival – Interior Light

Written by: Isaac Biehl

Rating: 7/10


From Hamilton, Ontario, Young Rival has a sound that can be described as if Mac Demarco was the lead singer of a rock band that had a more edgy-punk sound, which isn’t a bad comparison to have. Their newest album Interior Light dropped on October 16th and is definitely worth a listen.

The two singles released prior to the album are “Interior Light” and “That’s Chemistry.” Both of these tracks are good places to start if you want to get a good feel for Young Rival as artists.  The tracks aren’t very similar, with “That’s Chemistry” sounding more folky and “Interior Light” being a more straight up indie rock record. These two singles might not even be the best tracks on the album either, which is an exciting thing for listeners to discover even more promise on the album.

Throughout the 11 tracks on the album, there are multiple highlights. One of those being track two, “Throw It In The River.” Opening soft then coming in with a catchy beat, “Throw It In The River” shows versatility in the vocals Young Rival has to offer. “Where’s It All Going” is a true standout on the album as well, coming in at number five.  It really shows off all of the styles Young Rival has to offer and takes you on a trip through many different sounds and genres.

While blending a lot of different sounds together, Interior Light is a very cohesive effort put together by Young Rival. Anyone interested in indie rock should check these guys out. Interior Light can be streamed on Spotify and is also available for download on iTunes.


FCC Violations: None

RIFYL: Mac Demarco, Said the Whale

Favorite Tracks: 2 (Throw It In The River), 10 (That’s Chemistry), 5 (Where’s It All Going), 7 (Bent Out of Shape)

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