Mark Wilkinson – Let the River Run

Score: 7/10Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson’s Let the River Run Album is full of beautiful, simple guitar and piano melodies and features Wilkinson’s easy-listening voice. While it may not attract everyone’s attention, it also does not demand your attention. This album will wait for you to listen, and discover how truly artful some of the lyrics are.

This Australian wears his heart in the open and pleads for your to hear him out. With attitudes between sweet and anxious, it is truly a delightful listen for the romantic in everyone on a rainy day. While not a particularly memorable album, when you rediscover it, you will listen to the whole thing, and be surprised by the gall of the hidden track.

Recommended Tracks: 03 Benny’s on the Rooftop, 10 Chasing Rainbows, 04 Out of Luck, 15 Such a Bore

Sounds like: Matt Nathanson, Tracy Chapman

Reviewed by Anna Gresser

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