KURE Fest 2011 Recap

The second (third if you count the ’05 Fest!) KURE Fest was a huge success, absolutely packing the Maintenance Shop. KURE Fest 2011 was held on thursday, October 27th. We even got a smalllllll mention in Pitchfork about it!

Starting off the night we had Parlours play us some nice intimate folk material:

Parlours (1)Parlours (3)Parlours (4)Parlours (6)

Next we had TIRES bring the house down with some heavy-hitting instrumental rock:
Tires (1)Tires (2)Tires (3)

Following we had Kreayshawn kick out some fast-paced lyricism over bumping hip-hop beats (including her big song, Gucci Gucci!):
KrayShawn (1)KrayShawn (2)KrayShawn (3)

The ISU Memorial Union and the Maintenance Shop even got featured a little bit in Kreayshawn’s Tour Video:

Finally, closing off the night was Neon Indian with their electric dance music:
NeonIndian (1)NeonIndian (2)NeonIndian (3)NeonIndian (4)NeonIndian (5)NeonIndian (6)NeonIndian (7)NeonIndian (8)NeonIndian (9)NeonIndian (10)

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