Don’t Sleep on The Fuss: A Quick Look at a Local Favorite

By Brady Nickel

Ames, Ia. – You couldn’t be knocked if KURE Fest 2017 is the first time you’ve heard or heard of The Fuss. I’d be a little disappointed in you but I’ll get over it. If you don’t feel like checking out the information on the other side of that link, I’ll just say they’re a home-grown (¾ of them are Iowa State alum) rock band born from a solo project of singer-guitarist Joey Lyons. You’ve missed the release of their eponymous first LP by about two months, so get to work. You also missed the official music video for the song Boy being released, but that happened more recently. The guys have kept busy since I had them in the KURE studios, playing some tasty psych rock throughout the midwest and alongside Iowa favorites like Holy White Hounds (please don’t disappoint me twice), SIRES, and King of the Tramps.

I’ll say it. I’m biased toward The Fuss. Sue me. I had a lot of fun recording their session with us. I’m not sure if it makes me supportive or vain, but I love to see a band succeed when they’ve been on my show. Since then, I’ve seen them as performers at an energetic late-night show after 80/35 and just as fun people who happen to make music. I talk to Matt, the bassist, fairly regularly, and I don’t get the impression he’s only friendly because I have a platform to promote them from (but let’s be honest, I’m sure it helps). Joey politely asked me if I could write a blurb about their album, which I agreed to do and then proceeded to do this instead. I know you’re reading this, Joey, and I hope it’s a decent substitute.

I’ll get to the point, I’ve gushed enough. Don’t sleep on The Fuss. They’ve picked up recognition in a hurry and it isn’t an accident. KURE Fest is a great time to get in on these guys while they’re still at the ground level, because by this time next year, they may not be.

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