Jigjam St. Patty’s Day Interview

On March 5th, Jessica and Cole spoke with Jamie from JigJam: an upcoming irish bluegrass from Ireland. Growing up with bluegrass roots, the guys started off as a weekend party/birthday band, playing a few tunes. Their first album, “Hello World” was a big hit in world music, and the band has been recording and touring ever since. Jamie discusses memories from tour, St.Patrick’s Day, and the excitement that the band has being in America. JigJam will be playing at Holy Trinity Hall in Des Moines on Saturday, March 9th. If you’re looking for an upbeat irish band, check out JigJam! You can pre-order their newest album, “Phoenix”, now on their website!

Check out the full interview on Friday, March 15th at 4pm on 88.5 KURE, or check out the snippet on our Soundcloud now!

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