Heavy Trip by Horseneck

Reviewed by Elliot Klimowski
Rating: 8/10

Cast out of the mold fusing old-school Cathedral fuzziness and the intensity of Dillinger Escape Plan emerge California’s Horseneck. They take the songwriting-over-production mantra very seriously as is evidenced quickly within the first set of heavy-hitting tunes. The songs way have triple-number tabbed power chords written all over them, and their obsession with Wolfmother-style scale patterns will bring back haunting memories of 2006, but there is plenty of variety in what Horseneck have on offer. A sign of performers who know how to value an entire album, the best tracks come right in the middle of the list with ‘Smokin’ Stacks’, ‘Hangman’, and ‘Bobby Brown’. The almost singable riff in the former will certainly make you want to dust off that Squire Strat ripoff that you filched from your boyfriend in 2008 (ladies) or from your stoned friend at the anti-establishment rally (gentlemen). Thankfully, the album is concluded with something groovy enough even for the Mystery Machine with ‘Plow the Road’. How apropos. Heavy Trip is both raw, visceral power, and also anthemic enough to be the soundtrack to a 40-minute road trip to Marshalltown. Dope af.

FCC: Clean
Recommended if you like: Cathedral, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, Horses
Favorite Tracks: Smokin’ Stacks, Hangman, Plow the Road

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