Album review of Not To Disappear by Daughter

Reviewed by: Karina Abbott
Score: 6.5/10
Daughter is a talented indie folk trio from London, England, and they have just put out their second studio album “Not to Disappear”. This album consists of mostly low-tempo songs with soft vocals and an ambient rock feel. There is so much to each track, they’ve only left a few strategically placed gaps in the all-encompassing accompaniment, where the music will drop out and there is just a vocal part over the silence, or a buzzing of music before they bring it back in full force.

On many of the tracks, Elena’s airy vocals compliment the discordant guitar, bass, and percussion as much as disagree with them, but I think the juxtaposition of her voice with the background music makes for a more impactful sound. This in-congruence in the songs also lends to the raw emotion each one needs to convey. All of these songs are crafted with care, each one featuring its own set of tortured lyrics. The opener “New Ways” is one of my favorites on this album, featuring a more intense instrumental accompaniment than most of the other tracks. The odd ball of the album is definitely “No Care”, it is the only higher tempo song and the only one with a curse word. The curse word doesn’t stand out in the song as much as the song stands out on the album, it just blends in with the string of lyrics it is a part of. This song packs more of a punch than any of the other tracks, and I think it is because of the unapologetic feel it gives off with its unrelenting beat and harsher vocals.
Overall the album is fantastic and makes for a great studying soundtrack.

FCC violations: 7
RIYL: London Grammar, the xx, Mumford and Sons
Favorite Tracks: 1, 3, 4, 8

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