GLA – Twin Atlantic

Review by: Jorie Mallinger
Score: 7/10

The band of 4 guys was formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2007. All four guys grew up in the area and at first when people would ask they would try to hide things about where they are from. They did this because it’s not a “glamorous” place to live. There is a bunch of division between the people religiously, as well as its just a very dark and rainy place to live. They did this for their first few records but now in this most recent album GLA Twin Atlantic’s main purpose was to show their pride in the city. To them Glasgow means triumphing over adversity and their music shows Glasgow’s amazing people and rich history. In this album Twin Atlantic’s music fully embraces their heritage instead of using music to hide that.
The album really has a raw garage rock sound, and even though it’s generally not something I would listen to it really grew on me. Especially their first single No Sleep which really encompasses what the rest of the album is like. If you like No Sleep then you are pretty likely to enjoy the rest of the album. This was by no means a perfect album. I thought the idea and meaning behind the album was better than the actual execution of the album itself.The songs do begin to blend together but, not to the point where it’s not enjoyable to sit and listen to the whole album.In many parts of the music you really can hear their Scottish accents as they are very thick. The accents make the vocals in all of the songs sound very raw and real. The lead singer Sam Mctrusty has an easily recognizable signature voice. The album has quite a few great melodies but they could use some more big choruses.

FCC: 5, 9
RIYL: Lower than Atlantis, Royal Blood
Favorite Tracks: 2, 5, 8

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