Beach Slang’s “The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us” album review

Written by: Nicholas Bramanti

Score: 5/10



On their debut album, Beach Slang put out a very middle of the road album. There’s nothing to especially love about it, but it’s also hard to dislike because you can feel the passion that they are playing this music with.  The album doesn’t break any new ground, nor do I think it’s trying to. They have their sound picked out and stuck with it.  The album is a lukewarm brew of late 80’s punk with overtones of self-doubt and anarchical tendencies.  The album also ends up leaving a sour taste in my mouth as its filled with so much teenage angst and distrust of the “system” yet these things are coming from middle-aged guys who probably should have matured more than this record shows.


Fave Tracks: 1, 9, 10

FCC: 2, 4, 5

RIYL: The Sidekicks, The Replacements

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