Update from KURE Sports

It is a busy time in the wide world of sports, the NBA and NHL season has started, football is well underway, NCAA basketball season is so close we can taste it, the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series (wow that was weird to type) and of course Iowa State Athletics have officially reached the busy season. But have no fear as KURE is here! 

KURE Sports is geared and ready to continue and improve our great coverage of all sports across the world from Iowa State Students for EVERYONE! Going into this busy season we have a couple updates that we are all excited to announce.

  1. We will be broadcasting ALL ISU Women’s home basketball games this season and MOST of ISU Men’s home games.
  2. We will be broadcasting ALL remaining ISU football home games.
  3. Due to our expanded coverage, we will be opening an Exclusive KURE Sportscast  on Nov. 6th for the WBB/MBB Exhibition Double-Header. This stream will hold all things KURE Sports including:
    1. KURE Sports Shows
    2. ALL live broadcasts
    3. Podcasts
    4. Additional material
  4. More written content on our website. We have some fantastic writers on our staff and they will be cranking out some great material constantly.
  5. We’re new to Instagram, give @kuresports a follow to see all kinds of behind the scenes action (also find us on Facebook and Twitter).
  6. WE NEVER TURN ANYONE AWAY! Be a part of this radio revolution as KURE Sports continues its growth, email sports@kure885.org and I will personally get you involved ASAP.


Peaceful Regards,

Taylor Mankle – KURE Sports Director

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