The Pride Alliance’s Fall Drag Show Packs the Heat

The stage was positively electric, the night of November 2nd, when various performers of all disciplines gave their hearts for the show. There were those that lip-synched to famous songs, those who sang, and one in particular who had their song intercut with quotes from the movie Beetlejuice, while dressed as the titular character.The roster itself was quite incredible. It included Jamie Sexton, the illustrious Katerina von Corpse, the evalescent Jade Night, the eloquent Joe Morry, the spectacular Morah Reign, the graceful Don’t Call Me “Angel”tritet, and several more. The songs chosen ranged from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, and everything in-between.As appears to be the norm with the Pride Alliance’s drag shows, all of them elected to perform lip-syncs and dances to their favorite songs, with the exception of Joe Morry, who sang live and with a metric ton of vocal power. The first performance of the night was the lovely host, Jamie Sexton, doing a lip-synch routine, complete with a dance and wardrobe changes. Another couple performances that stood out were both of Katerina von Korpse’s, who chose to intersperse her songs with lines from movies, with the first being Bettlejuice, and the second being Carrie. Both times, Korpse dressedup as a lead character in the films (Beetlejuice and Carrie, respectively).According to Sexton, this year’s proceeds for the fall drag show will be going towards the Pride Association’s fund in order for them to visit MBLGTACC 2019 (Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference).And boy, did they ever get funds. Many of the crowd members, including one performer’s loving father, tipped them as they were on stage. This was usually followed by the performer throwing their tips up in the air dramatically as they reached the climax of their song. It never ceased to add an air of attitude and style which really accentuated the feeling of their chosen melody.To the audience, everything was spectacular. Many times, you could hear them cheering on the stage-goers, or even clapping along to the beat of thesong. Everyone there seemed as though they were drawn into the worlds weaved by the talent.Ultimately, this seems like another fantastic year for the Pride Association.

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