The Heat Can’t Stop It: A Recap of the Final Day of 80/35

By: Ellery Lawry

Despite being long and hot, day two of 80/35 was one for the books with some memorable performances and acts.

Saturday’s music began at noon, with all three stages hosting an act. On the Hy-Vee Main Stage, Des Moines natives Canby played an indie rock set. On the Kum & Go Stage, L.A. based singer-songwriter Boh Doran performed. The Nationwide stage featured a jam band from right here in Ames named Fuzzy Logic.

John Wayne and the Pain at 80/35 2015

The next main stage act, John Wayne and The Pain, pulled a good crowd despite the heat and sun; The Pain are a reggae group out of Minneapolis. They entertained a loose crowd with a great summertime jam set.

They were followed up by Cloud Nothings. Cloud Nothings started as the one-man project of Dylan Baldi, who has since acquired a few band members. Their set went over well with a highly receptive crowd. Many danced along and a few even moshed.

After Cloud Nothings finished, those wishing for a change of pace could head to the Nationwide Stage. Performing there was Des Moines based latin group Parranderos Latin Combo. The group played an energetic set to a group of people who were shimmying and salsa dancing in time.

If festival goers wanted to keep grooving, Lettuce took to the main stage to provide a funk soundtrack. The group were very upbeat and wanted to “party.” Multiple saxophone solos really stole their show. Lettuce had everyone hanging out in the main stage area moving and dancing.

Lettuce at 80/35 2015

Lettuce were followed by Run the Jewels, one of the most notable acts of the festival. The hip-hop duo, consisting of Killer Mike and El-P, drew a massive crowd. The pair began their set by coming out to Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” After briefly posing and bantering with the crowd, they moved into their own music and proved they were worthy of the crowd turn out.

The pair expertly delivered their lines while taking time in-between to dance, joke and mess around with each other. They were fun to watch and an endearing duo. The pair even brought a fan on stage.

“We can always spot our biggest jewel runner,” Killer Mike said, before posing for selfies with the fan.

Run the Jewels at 80/35 2015

After Run the Jewels wrapped up their set, attendees could spend the down time before Weezer catching an act on either of the free stages. The Orwells were on the Kum & Go Stage performing an indie rock set. Des Moines native’s The Maytags closed out the Nationwide Stage with a soulful rock performance.

The headlining act of the night on the Hy-Vee Main Stage was Weezer. The band opened up to a huge crowd with their hit “My Name is Jonas.” The evening continued with more hits and lots of great response from those in attendance. The venue was packed and nearly everyone was singing and dancing. Outside in the street and even on neighboring rooftops were even more people who had come out to hear and see the legendary band.

Weezer at 80/35 2015

After Weezer had wrapped up, one final act was left. Dem Boyz, a DJ act from Des Moines, played the last set of the year on the Kum & Go Stage.

80/35 had yet another memorable year. After two days of great music and good times, fans are surely eager to start planning for next year. Be sure to follow the festival Twitter account and like them on Facebook to keep up with all the news year round.

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