Review of new Helvetia album “Dromomania”

“Dromomania” by Helvetia


Written by Charlie Coffey

Rating: 7.5/10

Dromomania is the ninth full length album from the Seattle alternative rock band Helvetia. The group usually puts out a mix of alt-rock, dream pop and ambient music, but this new album steps away from the ambient side.

The sound featured on Dromomania is reflective of another band that began around the same time as Helvetia, but on the other side of the United States. Miniature Tigers is a indie rock and pop group out of Brooklyn that debuted in 2006, the same year as Helvetia, that focuses on the weird through obscure lyricism and vocals with dreamy instrumentals.

Many of Helvetia’s songs in the past also used dreamy instrumentals but lacked on the vocals. Songs like “Crumbs Like Saucers,” “Bermuda” and “A Dot running for the Dust” off of Dromomania incorporate and highlight the lyricism and vocal strengths of the band.

“A Dot running for the Dust” uses a repetitive drumline and light guitar riffs to create an eerie vibe while incessantly chanting lyrics about ghosts.

The overall style of the album is more dream pop centric than the rest of their releases, but tracks like “Olaf” implement heavier and almost psychedelic rock sounds. Such as distorted guitar noises and experimental lo-fi vocals.

FCC Violations: Clean

Favorite Tracks: #3 (A Dot running for the Dust), #1 (Bermuda), #12 (Feeling The Warm Hair)

RIYL: Miniature Tigers, Jukebox the Ghost, MGMT

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