Review of Album Bleeders Digest By Say Hi

Say Hi – Bleeders DigestbleedersDigest
Rating: 8/10
Reviewed By: Caleb Smith

Previously known as Say Hi to Your Mom, Bleeders Digest is the Seattle-based band’s ninth full length album.

Composed near solely of Eric Elbogen, whom from what I can glean, pretty much plays all of his own instruments, does all of his own vocals, and then records in his own home, performing live with the occasional friend; has released, a wonderfully arranged, written and produced album; and demands respect of the maddest sort.

Bleeders Digest is the sequel record to, at the time, Say Hi to Your Mom’s fourth release, Impeccable Blahs, also referred to as The Vampire Record due to the numerous allusions and influences within the record. Bleeders Digest, then making for an apt follow up title.

If you aren’t a vampire fan, you’re still very much likely going to want to sing along to the greater majority of Bleeders Digest. Interesting instrumentals and lyrics that have garnered Elbogen praise in the past, make a consistent reappearance in the composition of the tracks that pack together listenability and lyricism, making for structure that conveys a message when it wants to while it gets your head banging at other times, all in a scheduling that rarely, if ever leaves the listener bored.

I hadn’t heard of Say Hi, before I listened to Bleeders Digest, but I’m sure I’ll be looking into his past discography and with high hopes of becoming a regular listener.

FCC: Clean

RIYL: Early Arcade Fire, The Violent Femmes

Recommended Tracks: 5, 11, 7, 1

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