Off! – Wasted Years


Score: 9/10

Off! is a hardcore supergroup out of Los Angeles, comprised of members from Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Burning Brides, Red Kross, Rocket from the Crypt, and Hot Snakes.  The band has put out four EPs, and one other LP, and all of them have been fast, angry hardcore in the veins of some of the greats of the genre.  The comparison to Black Flag is easy to make here, but it fits well.  Off! is one of the few bands that is still playing hardcore punk like what was being made in the 80’s and its incredibly refreshing to hear.

The album touches on many familiar themes for the punk scene, like distrust of the government and authority, as well as anger and frustration with the world around them, but it also focuses on topics not so familiar, like parties and drugs, which are every bit as fun and relatable to the listeners.  Another thing that makes this album stand out lyrically is how the songs change, going from topic to topic making it feel carefree and fun, as they sing about what comes to mind and make damn good songs out of it.  The guitars are equally notable in this album, as they seem to change almost as often as the topic of conversation, going from a guitar solo into a heavy, slow riff, and then back into fast three chord punk.  For all the switching that the songs do, the band holds together like they’ve been doing it for ages.  Transitions are often and fluid and the entire band moves seamlessly through them.

The album’s title seemed to be a direct representation of how the band felt, and should be taken entirely literally.  They played as if they had been missing out on years of their lives and needed to catch up as fast as was humanly possible.  Off! stands alone at the top of the modern punk scene in my eyes, as they are making music that nobody else and they are doing it very well.

Favorite Tracks: 7, 1, 2

RIYL: Black Flag, Bad Brains, Descendents

Reviewed By: KURE Music Committee


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