New album review of D.A. Wallach’s “Time Machine”

Reviewed by Zach McGraw

Rating: 6.5/10

     Vocals and piano are featured on every song but are interspersed with orchestral and synth pop elements.  The sound is reminiscent of artists like Elton John and Billy Joel but with a bit of a modern twist.  The album seems like a love letter of sorts to artists of that era with clear influences from The Beatles and Queen in some of the chord progressions and the lyrics seem to be meaningful and clever.
     It’s a very nice sounding album and is well mixed, but there are a few instances where the songs don’t flow very well together.  This album doesn’t break the mold, but does shake up a sound that many people enjoy.  If you enjoy Elton John’s music than this albums tone and sound will appeal to you.
FCC Violations: #6
Favorite Tracks: #1, #11, #7, #5
RIYL: Elton John, Billy Joel, Mystery Skulls

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