MRC Selects: Favorite Summer Releases!

The fall semester is back in full swing, but before we get lost in the whirlwind of exams and projects the lovely folk at the Music Review Committee are here to remind us which albums made the summer so great.

Caleb Davis: The Whaler – Home Is Where

Home Is Where is one of the most exciting Midwest emo bands to come out on the scene as of late and have solidified themselves with their sophomore release, The Whaler. The passion and angst mixed with witty tongue-in-cheek lyricism had me obsessed with this album, almost every song was stuck in my head at one point over the summer. The vocals can be an acquired taste but once you get used to them you’ll never go back. 

Favorite Track: everyday feels like 9/11

Simone Banks: The Age of Pleasure – Janelle Monae

One of my favorite releases over the summer is “The Age of Pleasure” from Janelle Monae. This album explores sexuality, polyamory, and feels like one long pool party. While this album lacks a narrative complexity or the musical variety as heard in her previous work, I feel like we’re entering a new era of Janelle Monae. Here she shed her black and white and fully embraced the pleasures that life has to offer. While I thought the album was fun, I do hope Cindi Mayweather, her alter-ego, will make an appearance again someday.

Favorite Track: Phenomenal ft. Doechii

Eddy Andrade: PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

I have never experienced a more bonkers album other than this one. From start to finish, it’s pure thrash metal at its dopest. I was at work when I discovered this album and I went ham at work. I would personally say that this album is better than Infest the Rats’ Nest, not to discredit it, but I feel like the tracks off this album are more memorable. 

Favorite Track: Flamethrower

Soli Guinto: Get Up – Newjeans

Though only an EP, this project has been one of the freshest and most playful drops of the summer. As a new Kpop listener, the group has opened my eyes to the genre, as they mix sweet, airy 2000s vocals with cool Jersey beats, creating an upbeat and modern feel while maintaining a true Kpop flair- all without sounding too “H&M-ey”. Each track is a banger! Though run time is only 12 minutes long, I have found this EP be to my most played project of the summer. 

Favorite Track: Cool With You

Will Nave: Utopia – Travis Scott

I watched the movie and loved it. Meltdown blaster sample was amazing and hits every damn time. The rest of the album was fire. I liked the Westside Gunn feature (also fire).

Jeremy Taylor: For Everyone – Joe Vann

Joe Vann is a singer-songwriter who started with a post-rock indie band called “From Indian Lakes”. This introspective album hits a calm and optimistic tone, matched with the worries we have of summer’s end. He thrives in catchy melodies, washing vocals, and unique song compositions. This album feels like a calm sunny day on the porch, thinking all your thoughts of melancholy or contentment.

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