KQ 50 (2017) Final Score Report

Thank you so much to all who participated and assisted with Kaleidoquiz! We at KURE certainly had an amazing time putting on the 50th year of this event, and hope that you had a great experience as a participant. Following is a wealth of data analysis on KQ scores, analyses on questions, as well as “Kaleidoquiz Achievements” for interesting feats of accomplishment beyond simply having the most points overall. Enjoy all the data and graphs!

If you are interested in helping out with KQ next year, one of the KQ co-director positions are open! Apply here: bit.ly/kqdirector. If you are interested in being on the QK/KQ committees for next year, just email kq@kure885.org!

Final Scores

Full Team Name Points
1 2Pac and a Council of Bears 11,047
2 The 2nd Most Popular Russian Lesbian Pop Duo of the early 2000s 10,608
3 The Fremistry: The Second One 9,414
4 We Like Our Women Like Trump Likes His Steak: Well Done With Ketchup 8,311
5 Les Quizerables 8,130
6 Hypnotoad 2: Totally Fry’d 7,746
7 A Memorial Tribute to Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico 6,970
8 we are LITERALLY doing Kaleidoquiz from the top of the Space Needle 6,947
9 Triaxially Stressed 6,560
10 Honey Bunches of Hall and Oates 5,849
11 Tower Power 5,525
12 The Last DrunKQ 4,235
13 The Fallen Acorns 2,619
14 Shooting Starfish 1,942
15 Vandalay Industries 530


Interactive Score Chart

If you’re interested in seeing the scores as they added up during KQ, hover your mouse over a line below!


Score Report

The beautiful 33 page report detailing all sorts of extra data on KQ scores!


Below are the five montages that were played on air during KQ 2017! If you liked the Kazoo montage, and want to hear the full songs in all their glory, six tracks are also available below for your listening pleasure!



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