Kaleidoquiz Steps for Registration

Once you sign up for a team at kq.kure885.org, you will receive the following email. Read it carefully, as it will contain many important information. Thanks and see you March 6-7!

Below are the steps to get your team registered and ready for Kaleidoquiz 2015:

Step 0: Register your team. Congratulations, you have completed step 0 of registering for Kaleidoquiz 2015! You can expect the same amazing event you’ve experienced in past years with the same twists and turns that can’t be anticipated. This doesn’t hold for the registration process though, we’ve got that down to a smooth oiled machine and it remains unchanged from previous years. What remains of the process for your team is as follows. Read everything in this email, if you don’t you’ll be very sad, and will probably not earn some easy KQ points.

Step 1: Confirm your team information. Check the info you included on your form and we’ve included again below, respond to this email to let us know if this information is accurate along with your team size estimate and the word ‘squirrel’.

Team name:

Step 2: Submit your registration fee. If your fee is late so is the whole registration no matter how early you filled out the web form. Payment may be made via green intramural form or with greenish currency (US Dollars only).  Drop your payment off in a sealed envelope with your team name and ‘KQ 2015’ written on it. Once we’ve received your team payment we’ll send you a payment confirmation to these same email addresses.

Before Friday, February 13: $40 for normal registration
After February 13 and before March 1: $45/team.
Questions-only teams must submit their $30 payment before Friday, February 13.

Did you know? IRHA has sponsored a bill to support first 16 residence hall teams to sign up for KQ 2015 (including your registration fee!) For more information talk to your IRHA representative or reply to this email to be sent the right direction.

Step 3: Attend KQ&A. We’ll be holding an informational meeting/KQ&A session Sunday February 15 at 7pm in room Friley 2414. You should have a team representative there. If you intend on competing in the Traveling Question (awesome, huge, not for the faint of heart, totally optional traveling question) you should attempt to have 2 designated drivers be in attendance and up to 2 alternates. If you have any questions on this step feel free to send a separate email to kq.central@kaleidoquiz.org

Step 4: Team Member Signup. This procedure will be 100% digital this year. Stay tuned.

Step 5: Compete in KQ. March 6 and 7. We’ll be kicking things off at 4pm as per usual!


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