Hinterland Day 2 Recap

It’s been a great time at Hinterland so far. The days of scorching sun and sweat are worth the music and the feel. The KURE Crew has packed up our tents and are ready for the last day. First, here are some notes from our reporting team about the music we saw last night.

Aaron Ehrlich (left) and Andy Poppen (right)

The Maytags

Written by Raegan Nervig

One of Des Moines’ most beloved bands, The Maytags, played Hinterland Saturday afternoon. Coming from someone who has been to all Hinterlands since the first in 2015, this year seems to be the biggest yet in attendance. Festival goers and loyal Maytags fans were ready on the grounds to hear their 12:45 set under the beaming August sun. 

Dustin Smith

The Maytags just released a new album, Meriweather, in June. Today we got to hear new tracks from this album such as ‘Cities’ and ‘Come Around’. Confidence from this long awaited album release radiated on stage today from all band members. They also played their classic hits like Rita and Cassius, that you can’t help but dance and sing along to. The band closed their set with On My Mind, a love song with one of the sweetest music videos performed in the Des Moines Public Library. No matter where you see The Maytags – at a local winery or music festival, they’re bound to bring the jazz and soul to every performance; and lead singer Dustin Smith will always be ready with his smooth dance moves.

Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo

Written by Jonathan Free

Fuzz pedals galore, Ron Gallo blazed onto the stage with a yelping vocal performance and screeching guitars. The bassist had some of the highest toned sounds I’ve heard coming out of a bass guitar. The energy was wild between the members on stage, but the crowd may have been feeling a little dumbfounded. Gallo’s crew intermittently stopped playing during a song to play wrong notes in their ‘solo’. Gallo has a very interesting vocal, with his lyrics coming in between yelps like a yodeler. If you want some heavy stuff with some guys that like to have a good time on stage, check them out ASAP.

We’ll also have an interview coming soon with Ron. Lookout on our Facebook and Soundcloud for more info!

The Dead South

Written by Lynette Kwaw-Mensah

Canada’s The Dead South had a powerful presence that truly brought the stage to life during their Hinterland performance Saturday. The band’s old Western pioneer aesthetic can be compared to that of ‘Mumford and Sons.’ The Dead South opened their set with “Banjo Odyssey”, a song off their debut album, Good Company.  This deep folk/bluegrass tune highlights the band’s ability to tell a story while using their tongue in cheek references to sing a song about sleeping with your cousin. The band’s cellist, Denny Kenyon, managed to steal the show with his energy and what the lead singer described as “skill set sent [from] heaven .” The Dead South currently have two full albums out and mentioned their highly anticipated third studio album that will be released on October 12th.

Paul Janeway

St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Written by Jessica Spottek

Day 2 was a much slower pace, but this was the set I’ve been waiting all day for! With a band of sharp dressed men, Paul Janeway (frontman and lead vocalist) came out with a stunning cloak that sparkled for the crowd! St.Paul has an upbeat and soul-funk sound, and the audience went crazy all set! I really enjoyed that the Broken Bones were not just the back up performers, but instead a full performing group with Janeway.

St.Paul played off of every album which was awesome to hear. “Flow Through It (You Make Me Feel Like)” was the second song on their set list, and it was so good live! I also loved the end of their set when they played “Apollo”, “Call Me”, and “Broken Bones & Pocket Change” (which I told them to play!). During this tune, Janeway made it on top of the VIP balcony in the crowd! Definitely was a Saint!

Jesse Phillips

Overall, St. Paul & The Broken Bones had the best performance for day 2, and one of KURE’s favorites from the weekend so far. I am so blessed to finally have seen St.Paul, and to have spoken with him! If you haven’t read it already, head over to my Q&A article with Paul Janeway here: https://www.kure.stuorg.iastate.edu/broken-bones-healed-heart-a-conversation-with-paul-janeway-of-st-paul-the-broken-bones/

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Written by Kyle Guerttman

At the end of a long, hot Saturday, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit performed at the main stage. After many hours in the sun, it felt great to unwind in the cool night and enjoy some relaxed music. While the group has massive appeal to much of this festival’s audience, they did not really stand out to me, which kind of hindered the experience. With St. Paul and the Broken Bones performing before them, the switch in tempo was quite a big change. Most of the audience did not react to Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit with as much hype as shows before it. The crowd did not seem as alive, but many of the audience members had high praise for the show. 

Shower Review and Interesting Observations

Written by Brenna O’Donoghue

Under the darkness and protection of night, the coveted hydration station was used as a shower. After thirty-six hours of sweat, sunscreen, mud and a little bit of bug spray (applied like nature’s perfume), the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Cotton Toilettes (sponsorship pending) could no longer do the job. Although we all must agree that those magic little white squares did wonders and exceeded our expectations, so much so, that we were able to go the thirty-six hours and not completely lose our minds (and noses) from the stench. All in all, the free purified water station by the “Glamping” was way better than paying $7 for a cold shower in a shack (and yes this was verified by our “Hinter-Shower” expert Kyle).

Jessica using the hydration station “properly”

Other observations:

  • A man projectile vomited on the side of the stage (kinda on a hill) and mere seconds later a child was playing in it. WHERE WERE THE PARENTS!?! 
  • There were at least two gentlemen that must have fallen asleep in the sun (RIP), because they had very distinct outlines of sunglasses burned onto their bald heads (and they were sportsband sunglasses so the band around the face was thiccc). We’ll call these men permanent Frozones for those who have seen the Incredibles (and that should be most everyone because it’s a classic).
  • For those of you looking for a new way to secure a child, this next one is for you. We saw a man that had his young child on his shoulders with his knee length dreadlocks wrapped around the kid’s waist. What. A. Guy. 
  • The Cowboy. Complete with a Game of Thrones backpack, American flag cowboy hat, white leather boots and a fluffy handlebar mustache that was out of control, this man was going around trying to get people in the pit to take shots of his Jim Beam Whiskey. Some people were into it while others, not so much. This wasn’t the first time a couple of our members actually saw him (ask Rae and Lynette for more pics). He definitely made an impression. My only question: where’d he store that bottle *big eye emoji*

The last day of Hinterland is here, and be ready tomorrow for out last overview :big tears:.

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