Hand Picked Tour on Live from KURE

Sean Russell, Stephen Beatty, and Brandon Callies landed in our studio on Thursday 6/16 to promote the two-legged “Hand Picked Tour”, put on by their record label, Hand Drawn Records. Each member of the Texas trio travels representing their own band, which are Cut Throat Finches, Un Chien, and Brandon Callies Band, respectively. We talked about their tour, their label (which has some exciting news for anyone that cares about vinyl), and a bit about their music, with each topic punctuated by an acoustic performance. If you like what you hear, be sure to check them out and watch the Hand Picked Tour for their return to the area with full bands in October!

Hand Drawn Records website

Cut Throat Finches website

Un Chien website

Brandon Callies Band website

Pictured left to right: Sean Russell (Cut Throat Finches), Stephen Beatty (Un Chien), Brandon Callies (Brandon Callies Band)

Interviewer: Brady Nickel

Sound Engineer: Erica Parrish

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