Gregory Alan Isakov on Live from KURE

While in town on his nationwide tour Gregory Alan Isakov came down to the KURE studios for a short set before his sound check at the Maintenance Shop. To say this was a special session is an understatement. Gregory’s command of musical performance is second to none; his honest lyrics, his eerie yet comforting voice – it all meshes together with the beauty of a folk arrangement to create something truly magical. There’s not much more I can say about it beyond pleading you to listen!

This particular session we were lucky to have David Derong of ISUTv capture some video – take a look and listen below:

Here’s all of the songs from the session:


LIVE From KURE produced by: Nikki Ellis and Michael Yeager
Sound Engineer: Darren Hushak
Video Production: David Derong
Mixing and Mastering: Darren Hushak
Technical Support from Michael Yeager

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