Gettin’ Down with the 80/35 Sound

Anticipations for this year’s lineup…

by Jessica Spottek

It’s almost summer, and you know what that means! FESTIVAL SEASON! As a music director, this is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! What’s better than discovering new and local music on a beautiful July day, exploring vendors from the city, and seeing your favorite artist headline at night? That’s right, nothing is better. I believe that there is always something for everyone at music festival, whether it be their new favorite local band or an awesome vendor selling beads made from recycled plastic. Don’t forget about the food! This year, I have the amazing opportunity to cover 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines. Here are some of my hot picks from this year’s lineup:

Portugal. The Man

Oh. My. Gawd. I love Portugal. The Man! I have seen them once before with my best friend from back home, Patrick, as our graduation gifts to one another. Funny thing: on our way to the concert, we were stopped by police for Trump to cross the street while he was in town! Anyways, Portugal. The Man put on one of the best performances I have seen in awhile. This show was before “Woodstock” was released, but their hit track “Feel It Still” was super popular…so obviously they played it twice at the concert. I really enjoyed their set because their natural talent is just amazing. I remember them having many guitar riffs and them just going OFF in some of their tunes, which was crazy good! Not to be bias, but Portugal. The Man’s performance will be one of the best this year at 80/35. Definitely check out their show! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


I’m super pumped to see Misterwives after many years of not being able to see them live! I remember when they were on tour with Vinyl Theatre, and I heard super awesome reviews from friends. I’m not the biggest fan of female vocals, but their singer, Amanda Lee Duffy, is amazing! Misterwives’ latest album, “Connect The Dots”, is pretty good all the way through. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative rock feel, definitely check out this album! My favorite track off it would probably have to be “Oh Love” because the refrain just bursts with an awesome rock melody. Again, Duffy’s vocals just blow me away in this track as well. Misterwives will definitely put on a show at 80/35. Make sure to check them out!


Oh gurl, yas! Noname is one of my favorite contemporary hip hop artists! Fatimah Nyeema Warner, also known as Noname, has a soft female twist on the R&B genre with some amazing lyricism. This past summer, I was able to catch her set at Pitchfork in Chicago, and she slayed it! As a poet and record producer, her sound is one of the best produced R&B artists in current music. I love her album, “Telefone”, because many tracks are easy to relate to, and it’s very easy to listen to all the way through. My favorite track of all time from Noname is “Diddy Bop” featuring Raury and Cam O’Bi. This song makes me so happy and relaxed, and I hope it does for you too! Noname is one of those artists that you’d hear in a new coffee shop on the east side of town with a cute barista working the counter (and the aux cord). Check out Noname; an amazing solo artist with amazing sound!

Open Mike Eagle

Similar to Noname, Open Mike Eagle had a pretty dope set at Pitchfork this past July. However, Michael W. Eagle II is also a comedian, which makes his music a bit humorous. Originally from Chicago, Open Mike Eagle has released six albums, including his latest, “Brick Body Kids Still Daydream”. For his performance at 80/35, I am hopeful for an upbeat set with tons of audience participation. At Pitchfork, I remember Open Mike Eagle having us sing his lyrics to him with a fun lyric video behind him. He’s super funny as well! Make sure to check out one of his other albums titled “Dark Comedy”. Open Mike Eagle has some powerful lyrics, moving the right audience with his sound and lines. Eagle is super talented, so make sure to check him out at the festival!

This will be my first time at 80/35 Music Festival, so I’m super stoked to check out the free stages as well! Some artists that I’m looking forward to see are:


Crystal City

Hex Girls

Lady Revel

Queen Kenzie


80/35 Music Festival is Friday and Saturday, July 12th and 13th. Tickets are between $45-$220, and can be purchased on their website. Make sure to follow 88.5 KURE on social media to be updated with ways to enter to win a pair of general admission tickets! Be sure to stop by and say hi to us on the ground in the Community Village! For more information about 80/35 Music Festival, head to:

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