For Ever by Jungle ALBUM REVIEW

Jessica Spottek




Recommended if you like Olympic Ayres, Glass Animals, Alt-J
Favorite Tracks: 2, 5, 9, 3
FCC: Clean

The kings of soul pop are back with their latest album, “For Ever”, released September 14th. Now, I say this because not only do they have hit track after hit track, but Jungle is an explosive powerhouse, and people are starting to notice. As anyone knows, the term “alternative” has taken over many different meanings, in which not many many artists put themselves under one genre and only genre only. This group takes R&B, soul, pop, alternative, and electric to make a super awesome sound. If this sounds like your music taste, or you’re wanting to venture into a new band, check ‘em out!
Starting in London, lead musicians Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson met by being next door neighbors. Growing up, their friendship lead to a few local bands. However, in 2013, the two hit it off with their first self-titled album a year later in 2014. The hit song off of this album is titled “Busy Earnin’”, which brings up a really funny story. Remember when everyone had iPod touches and we could get the “free song of the week” on iTunes? Yep, “Busy Earnin” was one of my free songs of the week! This is how I found out about them, and now their newest release is getting huge!
“For Ever” is probably one of my favorite releases so far this school year. I catch myself listening to it a lot in my office hours at KURE, and when I’m feeling good inside. The entire album is a groovy party, bringing every aspect of soul and pop into the alternative field. The first song that I heard off of the album was “Happy Man”, which was on one of my favorite local stations back home in Milwaukee. It’s about a man telling his friend about he needs to change up his life to not be stuck as a troubled man anymore. There’s so much groove, and that’s only one track! My favorites in the album is titled “Heavy, California”. I probably sound like a bandwagon because this is the most popular track on the album, but I still think it’s one of the best! The thing that I love most is the vocals of the band. They have such a distinct sound with their heavy bass and octave-ranged vocals.
I would definitely recommend Jungle’s new album to any type of audiences! From looking for a new artist to listen to, to just loving more and more of your favorite artist already, “For Ever” is for you!

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