Flume – Hi This is Flume ALBUM REVIEW

Jessice Spottek




Recommended if you like Odeza, Skrillex, Disclosure

Favorite Tracks: 4, 8, 9, 11

FCC: 8

Flume has become one of the most popular electronic and dance DJs of the decade, and may I say, probably one of the most talented. I’m not the fondest fan of electronic music, but Flume is probably my go to. However, his latest mixtape is making me feel very different about the direction he’s gearing towards. “Hi This is Flume” is probably my least favorite album that Flume has released, by far. Harley Edward Streten, originally from Australia, has been making music he was 13 years old. In retrospect, he attended St.Augustine’s College and began to create “house music” for other college students. Fast forward a few years, and his first song was a radio hit on Triple J…crazy! Since then, in 2011, Streten has been signed to a label and has released two full length albums: “Flume” [self titled] (2012) and “Skin” (2016). In addition, he also released side tracks with bigger names including Chet Faker. I’ve been lucky enough to see Flume live in 2017 at Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI). This was probably my favorite day that I went to Summerfest. I went with my friend Emma, and we waited for four hours for Flume…in the pouring rain. When he finally came on, it was just a trip. His set was fantastic, and everyone ignored the rain by then. It was one of those concerts that made you feel like you were in another world, and just dancing yourself away through life. I think that Flume is much better than other electronic artists, in which most of his music is smoother and easier to listen to. If you’ve never listened to his first two albums, I would definitely give it a spin; definitely some of my favorite work. “Hi This is Flume” was just released about a week or two ago, and I was surprised at how different it was from his earlier stuff. Streten said that this album is more of a mixtape, remixing some of his favorite artists and even his own work. This album is definitely one that you have to listen to top to bottom because each song flows into one another, and is almost like a “nonstop album”. Overall, I am much more of a fan of Flume’s earlier work. As I said, his music is easier to listen to than other electronic artists. However, “Hi This is Flume” is a much harder album, and is different sounding. I’m not saying that it’s horrible, and it’s funny to say that because ¾ of Music Review Committee really liked it! If you’re looking for Flume to try and venture out into different types of sounds and newer resonance, “Hi This is Flume” might grant your wishes! When I took a listen, there were a few tracks that stood out to me. These include “Jewel”, “How To Build a Relationship”, “Wormhole”, and “MUD”. I’d say that “How To Build a Relationship” will be one of the hit songs off of this album, in which it’s more of a hip-hop sounding trap/house track. However, most of the other tracks and interludes didn’t do anything for me. It’s awesome that Flume is using new techniques and sounds in his music, but personally, I didn’t like that. “Hi This is Flume” is definitely an album that electronic and house fans will want to listen to, and make their personal opinions on it. Some will love it, but others like me will not be the biggest fan. Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think!

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