Fall 2020 Underwriting Special

We here at KURE love Ames.

And we know our neighbors are going through a lot right now. To spread some love in our community and to support local businesses and organizations, we are offering limited-time reduced-cost pricing on our underwriting services!

To apply for underwriting services for the fall of 2020 in coordination with our reduced price package, please click here.

What is underwriting? Well, as a non-commercial radio station, and a student organization affiliated with Iowa State University, we are unable to advertise. However, we are able to recognize charitable monetary donations or donations made in-kind to KURE on-air (with a few restrictions on what can/cannot be said).

To recognize our donors, around the 29th minute of the hour and the 59th minute of the hour, we read an announcement on-air recognizing this charitable donation, identifying the donor, any services they may provide, and any relevant contact/location information. This is what is called a “grant read”.

For example:

“A portion of KURE’s programming is being brought to you by a grant from Cy’s Café, located at 123 Iowa Street. Cy’s Café offers a variety of specialty burgers, salads, and soft drinks. That’s Cy’s Café, located at 123 Iowa Street, phone number 555-1234.”

For more information as to what a grant read can/cannot contain, please click here.

Grant reads are developed individually to accommodate your business as effectively as possible. They are allocated in fifteen to thirty-second segments and are typically priced at $3 per individual grant read on air.

To support local businesses and organizations, we are offering a minimum of 200-300 fifteen-second grant reads in coordination with a minimum $10 donation, payable by cash or check. These would be played on-air during our normal broadcasts. We are also accepting donations that exceed this, but it is not necessary.

Any donation made in excess of the $10 minimum will be given the same number of grant reads in correspondence with this promotion. If you are interested in a higher number of grant reads, please contact us for alternative grant read packages.

Charitable donations made to KURE must be made in full, and all paperwork must be completed before services are rendered and your grant read goes to-air.

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