Dodgeball: A Cyclone Story

Gus Pope–KURE Sports Reporter

Ames- On Saturday, October 7, in the midst of a Cyclone football gameday, a new sport came to town. The inaugural Cyclone Clash came to Ames, where the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville played each other…in club dodgeball. Although Iowa State does not have a team, it is geographically situated perfectly for these midwestern powerhouses to play each other. Both teams have been staples in the national tournament for the past few years, but both teams have to cover quite a distance to the other NCDA sponsored schools.

“Iowa State needs to get a team so we don’t have to drive so [expletive] far,” said Nebraska captain Noah Willey.

Starting in the Great Lakes area in 2006, the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (NCDA) has now successfully reached both coasts of the United States. Still, the Midwest region is lacking in numbers. The Ohio region and Michigan region are reigning supreme in both quantity and quality.

Upon showing up to Beyer Hall to watch the two matches put on by these teams, I was immediately shocked at the seriousness they took. Taping up fingers for better grip on the slightly under-inflated rubber dodgeballs. Calling out plays and strategies by both players AND coaches alike. Also, the knowledge of the rulebook (which I had very little of.)

At the end of the day, Nebraska took home the win in both games (6-0 and 5-0.) There is a time element involved as well as an individual game/match element that affects the final score which gets sent to the NCDA for rankings.

The NCDA has expressed interest in expanding to Iowa State as well as other stops around the country. Could a team be coming to Ames soon?

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