Andy McKee on Live from KURE

Less than an hour ago on this very afternoon, Andy McKee joined us in Studio B for a session, taking off afterwards to go straight to his show at DG’s Taphouse. Both he and DG’s were willing to push his sound check back specifically so we could make this session happen, and for that we are thankful. Andy deals with solely instrumental guitar music, and if you were on YouTube in 2006 you may have witnessed the explosion of his professional career with the video of him performing Drifting. Listening to and watching Andy play make a unique experience meant to go together, as it’s impossible to believe you’re hearing just one man without being able to see him.

Producer: Darren Hushak
Mixing and Mastering: Darren Hushak
Videography and Technical Assistance: Erica Parrish
Additional Technical Assistance: Brady Nickel

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