Amason – EP


On their debut EP (it’s unclear whether or not it’s called Amason or actually just “EP”), Swedish collective Amason efficiently lays down some catchy, if somewhat bland, dream-pop and indie rock tunes. Pianos, light drums, synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and the occasional trumpet back both male and female vocalists creating a sound similar to 2013’s wave of pop/folk artists. Thankfully, Amason manages to change things up a little and create a bouncy, light tone without getting to poppy or emotional.

There is nothing particularly unique about EP, but it’s a solid and well-rounded record facing only minor issues. The group lacks some energy and passion, and the last two songs on the EP sound relatively uninspired and repetitive. This unfortunately reveal’s the album’s true problem: pacing.

The first song on EP, “Älgen”, is a fantastic fast-paced track featuring quick-strumming acoustic guitars, classical strings, layered synths, and hauntingly mellow vocals. After those first four minutes, the remaining tracks just feel like a letdown. The second track, “Margin”, is a solid pop tune in its own rights, but it doesn’t come close to living up to the expectations set by the first song. Overall, I enjoyed listening to the 15-minute EP, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of disappointment after hearing such a strong start.

For now, EP is a good-not-great album at best. However, if they can refine and recreate the sound created at their album’s outset, Amason will be a band worth watching.

Sounds like: Of Monsters and Men, earlier Sufjan Stevens

Recommended tracks: 01 “Älgen”, 02 “Margin”

Review by David Robideau

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