Album Review: State Champs – The Acoustic Things

State Champs – The Acoustic ThingsState-Champs-The-Acoustic-Things-cover
Reviewed By: Tate Huckstadt

Rating: 7/10

State Champs took an opportunity to showcase their softer side with their acoustic EP, The Acoustic Things. The band traded in their usual rambunctious sound for smooth vocals, softly played acoustic guitars, light percussion and delicate keyboard parts, all the while managing to maintain the great energy that they are known for. The first five tracks are acoustic versions of songs from the band’s LP The Finer Things. The band shines a completely different light on the songs in the acoustic versions. The band’s heartfelt lyrics are given a chance to take the forefront with the absence of louder guitars and drums that normally make up the band’s sound. The last two songs of the EP are new tracks, assumedly written especially for the acoustic style of the release. The songs contain extremely emotional, sigh-inducing lyrics and guitar parts with smooth riffs intricately woven between the chords that keep the songs moving.

The EP’s closer, “If I’m Lucky”, is somewhat repetitive like many of the other songs by State Champs, but it stands out above the rest of the songs on the release by being slightly more catchy and memorable. Overall, The Acoustic Things is a great EP filled with acoustic versions of fan favorites and two new songs with heart-melting abilities. State Champs proved that they may be rough around the edges, but they’ve definitely got a lot of heart.


RIYL: Yellowcard, Mayday Parade
FCC clean
Best Tracks: 7, 2, 1


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