Album Review: Beyond the Fleeting Gales by Crying

Reviewed by: Tate Huckstadt
Score: 8.5/10

For their debut album, Crying has evolved both the sound and themes of their previous work, trading in chiptune sounds and lyrics about leaving boring shows to get snacks for synths that remind listeners of bands such as Van Halen and Rush and extremely imaginative lyrics capable of whisking listeners away to fantasy worlds filled with endless possibilities for adventure. Beyond the Fleeting Gales is comprised of ten tracks that take listeners on a mystical journey where there are surprises around every corner. A common thread throughout the diverse tracks is the presence of synths playing catchy, fun and often whimsical melodies. Lyrical themes prevalent throughout the album include searching for unknown things, gaining independence and adventuring through life with a goal of understanding yourself and your surroundings through endless exploration and questioning. The lyrics are extremely descriptive of wondrous, unknown environments to explore, but they also contain references to ordinary things encountered on a daily basis in the modern world that tie these fantasy themes back to life in the modern world, leading listeners to examine how the monotony of life could be interpreted in more imaginative ways. The various synth textures, distorted guitars and crisp percussion contribute greatly to the overall feeling of “anything is possible” that is extremely culpable at many points throughout the album. From start to finish, Beyond the Fleeting Gales takes listeners on an incredible voyage to the edges of their imaginations. The album never allows listeners to settle in and know what to expect from the next song. Over the course of its 34 minutes, the album moves through a wide variety of emotions, tempos and instrumentations. Crying has truly crafted an extremely moving and memorable album.

FCC: 6
RIYL: Rush, Van Halen, Petal and Jeff Rosenstock
Favorite Tracks: 2, 8, 10

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