The Tripping Souls – The Tripping Souls

Score: 8.0/10

Listed on the insert found in The Tripping Souls’ debut self-titled EP is a quote from the Concord Insider: “… reminiscent of the post-Nirvana mid-90s scene with a hint of a ‘70s Brit-pop-punk hybrid.” This may seem like a rather wordy description of the band’s genre, but it’s incredibly accurate. Paul Makris, the creative force behind the group, has a long list of musical influences. He’s spent time with Chicago blues groups, east coast rock bands, and spent several years traversing the London music scene, and it all shows in his composition style.

The Tripping Souls is a 20-minute long genre-spanning EP that touches on everything from grunge to pop. Songs like the opener, “Elevate”, sound like a strange but somehow familiar fusion of The Beatles and Nirvana. “It’s Changed” sounds straight out of an Oasis album, and “Stand Back” is a hard, gritty power-chord beast with a thin layer of psychedelic influence. None of The Tripping Souls’ music is terribly complicated, and Makris’ lyrics are nothing to write home about, but it’s all well-executed and catchy enough that you won’t mind. The album doesn’t tread any new territory, but rather explores old territory, touching briefly on just about every musical era between the 1960s and modern day. However, don’t let that fool you. It may hop between styles, but The Tripping Souls is 100% rock and roll.

It’s not perfect, but The Tripping Souls is an excellent debut from a talented artist. Give it a listen.

Recommended Tracks:“Stand Back” (Track 3), “It’s Changed” (Track 4)

Sounds like: The Beatles, Nirvana, Oasis

Review by David Robideau

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