The Sun Days’ new album: “Album”

Reviewed by Karina Abbot

Rating: 7.5


The Sun Days have ever so cleverly named their new 2016 album, “Album”, and it is brilliant. Feel-good music, lively drum beats, and spirited guitar chords come together to make up the expressive and melodic tracks. This five piece from Gothenburg, Sweden really put their all into this album, and it’s one of my favorites so far this year. It is purely indie pop, its easygoing and inspiring, with a really effervescent atmosphere throughout. Elsa Holmgren, the lead vocalist, has a striking voice, and she really holds her own against the back-beats. The guitar, bass, and drums create a refreshing dose of indie pop magic. I could listen to this album over and over again without getting tired of any of the songs. Even if indie pop isn’t usually something you would listen to, give this album a chance and listen to it, because it will make you love indie pop, or at least make you appreciate it more. I liked all of the tracks on this album, but the few that stood out the most to me, for whatever reason, were “OOO”, “Fear”, and “I Keep on Wondering”.

FCC Violations: Clean

RIYL: Mixtapes & Cellmates, Lava Bangs, Name the Pet

Favorite Tracks: Basically all of them

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