Review of the new Dirty Ghosts album “Let It Pretend”

“Let It Pretend” by Dirty Ghosts

Written by: Jasmine Francois

Rating: 6.5/10


This album is more than okay, but that’s all I can really say about it.  The instrumentals cover a nice variety of indie-rock styles and tempos, but the vocals are lackluster and repetitive.  Singer Allyson Baker sounds like the girl in high school that really wanted to be in a rockband but had no significant talent other than being able to match pitch (I’m sorry if you ever read this). The vocal range used is quite small and the harmonies that are attempted are not quite hitting the sweet spot that might bring the power that this band needs.
The instrumentation really redeems the band and makes this album sound like it was produced by a real record company and not a guy in a garage. The album flows nicely, with all the songs tending to be more upbeat.  However it is nothing that we haven’t all heard before. If this were 2004, this might be an album worth listening to on repeat, but with the wide variety of indie/alternative/garage rock available today, Dirty Ghosts doesn’t have any “wow factor” to make them stand out.
FCC Violations: none
Recommended Tracks: #8 So Shallow, #1 Some Kids
RIYL: Really soft garage rock, Colleen Green, alt rock, Joan Jett influences

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