Korey Dane’s new album “Youngblood” review

Korey Dane –  Youngblood

Written by: Isaac Biehl

Rating:  7.5/10


Korey Dane is a singer-songwriter from Long Beach, California with a heritage wildly mixed of Cherokee Indian, Japanese, and Caucasian. His third album Youngblood was released October 9th. This album features 11 tracks that all equally show off Korey’s abilities as an artist.

Youngblood opens up with “Jules Verne,” a track that has a little more up-tempo feel to it than some other songs on the album. This is the perfect opener for this album and really helps pave the rest of the way, leading nicely into the slower second track, “Let It Be Just For Fun.” You really hear Dane use his gritty voice to his advantage on this song, and even hits a few higher notes during the chorus that sound really nice.

“I’m Your Man” is one of the bigger standouts on the album, where you really feel Dane having some fun. This could be his most radio ready single off of the album, with the catchy “I’m your man” being repeated throughout, and some high-energy guitar in the back. As a listener you really grasp the fact that Dane is a beautiful story teller throughout this album, and that they aren’t just songs. Each track is personal. Dane seems much wiser than his young age of 25.

The back half of the album is equally as enjoyable as the front, with highlights like “You’ll Be Had,” “Louisianna Sundance,” and “Heaven Won’t Let Me.”


FCC Violations: #5 (Pony)

RIYL: Wilco, Citizen Cope, Trevor Hall

Favorite Tracks: 3 (I’m Your Man), 10 (Heaven Won’t Let Me), 7 (You’ll Be Had), 1 (Jules Verne)


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