Review: Floral Hall EP by Fauna Shade

Reviewed by: Karina Abbott

Rating: 7.5/10


Fauna Shade is comprised of three talented musicians from Everett WA, Scotty Smith (Guitar / Vocals), Richie Owen (Drums), Derek Johnston (Bass). The band formed in 2013 and have been creating their own kind of rock music ever since. Their newest EP, “Floral Hall”, has four tracks and holds a whole lot of promise for these upcoming alternative artists. The first track, “1973”, features Smith’s sultry and sometimes brooding voice, a relaxed steady rhythm upheld by the drum beats, and a hypnotizing blend of guitar and bass. Smith has one of those voices that captures you and makes you listen, because it stands out so starkly against the psychedelic rock backdrop created by the continuous undulating guitar chords. Sometimes when they ring out, the guitar strums will get trapped in your head, and they seem to dance circles around the vocals, harmonizing and blending into one new sound. “Floral Hall” is rock, with elements of punk in “Bazzle Shabazz” and “No Nostalgia”; the lyrics convey a sense of adventure and express a need to find out what one is capable of in their life. Though the songs are not dark in nature, the vocals are rugged and give each song a haunting quality. Fauna Shade describe themselves as “new old wave rock and roll”, and I completely agree. With elements of old rock, and some newly discovered roll, this band has created its sound in the shadows of some great rock artists and are bringing it into the light with their new wave twist. My favorite tracks were “1973” and “P.S.”, because they reminded me why I love rock music and that new artists still have some original ideas to share with us.

FCC Violations: Clean

RIYL: The Arcs, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys

Favorite Tracks: 1 & 4

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