Raging Fyah – Judgement Day


Score: 7/10

Raging Fyah is a roots reggae band from Jamaica, and this is their first major label debut.  The band also runs a music label in Jamaica, that hosts a field of other reggae bands.  They have been together since 2006 and have been playing shows throughout Jamaica and gaining a name there for bringing back the basics of the genre.

This album fit the stereotype of a reggae album nearly perfectly, with multiple songs dedicated to their love of marijuana, Jamaica, and Jah.  Despite the nearly comedic affect of their Rastafarian beliefs, the album was an interesting and fun listen.  Every song flowed well together except for the last two songs, Ganja and Cyaan Cool, which was a live ballad styled song, which felt out of place amongst the rest of the album.  Their singer, Kumar Bent, had a strong voice that blended well with the instrumentals and helped to transport the listener into the mood of Jamaica.  His voice stood out most when he went into its higher reaches, as it countered the heavy bass end nicely.  The bass lines throughout the album were bouncy and catchy and helped to combine the album into a cohesive work.

For their debut album, a solid effort, just seemed to fit too stereotypically into the reggae mold.  What it did well was mix a contemporary sound into the classic feel of roots reggae.  This is certainly a band to look into for fans of reggae, and one to keep an eye on in the future of the genre.

RIYL: Pepper, Passafire, Iration

Favorite Tracks: 8, 4, 1


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