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Preview: Day Three of Pitchfork Music Festival

by Karina Abbott (

Artist Spotlight: Day Three – Sunday, July 22nd

(Sandy) Alex G Credit: Pitchfork Music Festival

Alexander Giannascoli is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started making music at the age of 13. He started the way many indie internet sensations start, with a Macbook and a guitar in his childhood bedroom, but where he took it from there is why he’s a fan favorite. Alex played in a band in high school continued to make his own music, and eventually put out his first song, “Sandy”, on the everpresent music forum Bandcamp. His fan base grew through the interwebs via virtual “word of mouth”, and he has since put out seven albums. The low-fi homemade rock sound brought home by his dreamscape lyrics make for a relaxed yet emotional experience. Alex has performed at several festivals from small to big, but the Pitchfork Fest in Chicago will undoubtedly be a welcoming stage for his untidy tunes.


Credit: Pitchfork Music FestivalIf you want to rock hard, jump around, and get rowdy with your friends, this band is for you. Japandroids hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, and they bring their own twist to modern rock n’ roll. They’re second album pretty much sums them up, as their best described as “Celebration Rock”. Since their beginning in 2006, Japandroids have come a long way, and after three albums, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” seems to be the culmination of all their hard work. These guys know how to put on a good show, so get ready to jump, sing along, and generally have a great time listening to their rambunctious sound. I hope Pitchfork Fest is ready to rock, because these guys don’t have an off switch.

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