Maximum Ames Music Festival – Day 1 Recap

KURE has ventured to downtown Ames Mainstreet to experience Maximum Ames Music Festival. This nine year running DIY music fest showcases a wide variety of local talent we have right here in our community. Venues include bars, the public library, and even a church. There’s something for everyone, no matter your age or music taste.


To finish out day one of Maximum Ames Music Fest at The Angry Irishmen (formerly Deanos), Morning Sex & the Good Weed brought their nothing but good vibes to the stage. Morning Sex & the Good Weed consists of 3 band members who are versatile in their guitar/bass/singing abilities. Not only versatile, but multiple band members have written their songs performed last night, all with the same groovy tone that makes your body unconsciously sway. With a bold band name like ‘Morning Sex & the Good Weed’, you can’t help but regret not thinking of that name first for your own band. There’s also something very down to earth and sacred about seeing artists playing on stage barefoot, and MSGW did just that. These guys give off a very funky rhythmic feel in every performance, and they’re from right here in Ames, IA. Locals, be sure to check them out at their next live show! 

Rae’s favorite track: Let’s Take Another Chance


Pink Kodiak

Pink Kodiak, made sure to put on a show at London Underground during day one of the Max Ames music festival.The band is fronted by Jeremy Hilbert, who is a one-man act. Describing his sound as  ‘death pop’ music, Pink Kodiak made sure to deliver a show that had the crowd vibing along. His set design of lights set the tone, immediately putting the crowd in a lucid trance. Accompanied by his digital 8 track that made up for the drums, keyboard, and guitar, the only live instrument that the anonymous solo act had with him was a left-handed electric blue bass guitar that added a very upbeat ,humorous, and at times melancholic sound to the set. As his show continued, Pink Kodiak slowed it down with some heartfelt melodies that had the crowd swaying along to the rhythms that filled the pub. Kodiak continued to deliver as he let the anticipation of each song build, before exploding into a heavy synthesized, beat. He ended his set with a dance party to leave the crowd wanting more. Pink Kodiak is definitely a unique sound to look out for in the area.

Here are some more pictures from Day One!

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