Marching Band will not March this Fall

By: Jaxon Koehler, News Crew Member

As with many things this semester, the marching band is experiencing serious changes as COVID-19 finds its way onto campus. It was announced early in this football season the Iowa State Cyclone Varsity Marching Band will be unable to march at football games for the foreseeable future. To accomplish the ultimate goal of lowering infection rates, the marching band is taking new measures to prevent the spread. “Right now, we’re planning on playing in the stands, play every game, playing in the stands and staying six feet apart,” says Crayton Mitchell, freshman and new marching band member.

The changes are a complete turnaround for the band, who, in the past, has learned new routines and shows for every game and has rehearsed every single night. “Usually rehearsals are everyday, now I don’t go to band on Tuesdays because that’s when the opposite band goes.”

Social distancing and mask rules are also in place for all rehearsals. Mitchell explains, “We do play our instrument through the mask, so we have a special mask that is magnetized. So you have to put the trumpet through one slot and out another slot in the mask… It’s very interesting. I don’t really enjoy it, but it works.”

There is a glimmer of hope for the marching band with what is called a “Band Day,” where they would be able to show off the hard work they’ve put in for the season. “…we are still learning marching stuff because we have the time and… we might have a band day if everything goes correctly, which I think would be a lot of fun.”

Mitchell notes his concerns by recalling his time in high school, saying that he did not want to become a drum major at the time because “one of my favorite parts of marching band is the marching,” something he won’t be able to do this year.

He continues by saying, “It makes me sad… everyone wishes they were marching because without the marching in marching band it’s just really a band.”

This news, however, has not come as a shock to many on campus. New rules have been put into place in almost all aspects of daily life, from wearing masks to the dining halls to online classes to avoiding social gatherings altogether. The campus has been calling for everyone to do their part by sending mass emails detailing safe social distancing practices, announcing new rules, and putting up catchy slogans on televisions around campus.

“It makes sense,” Mitchell says, “They’re trying to do their best to keep everything as low with Covid as it is.” 

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